Getting Over A Hoarding Addiction: Why A Self-Storage Unit Is Helpful

Do you need to declutter your house as you deal with recovering from a hoarding addiction? It is a good idea to put items that you don't want to get rid of inside of a self-storage unit, especially if they are collectibles that can be financially beneficial later on. Find out below why investing in a self-storage unit is ideal for hoarded items and how much the rental is estimated to cost. 

What Makes a Self-Storage Unit Rental Ideal for a Hoarder?

Renting a self-storage unit gives you the opportunity to keep your home free from clutter as you are fully recovering from your hoarding addiction. There are units that can accommodate a large quantity of items that you have accumulated, and you can actually rent one that is larger than you need to store future items. The rental will allow you to slowly recover from your addiction without having to live in a house full of clutter during the process.

If you need to store collectible items, you may find that renting a climate-controlled storage unit is the best option. You don't want any of your items getting damaged from being stored in a humid environment. For instance, wooden collectibles can get damaged from too much exposure to moisture by causing the wood to expand and change form. Too much moisture from humidity is also harmful to metal products, as it can cause them to get rusty. Keeping an average temperature in your unit can also prevent mold from developing.

You can keep your stored items organized inside of the unit for easier access in the event that you want to sell them. Many of the storage units are able to accommodate shelves and racks for better organization.

What Do Self-Storage Rentals Cost?

A 20x20 foot storage unit is estimated to cost $225 per month. You should expect to pay at least $95 or more per month for a 10x20 foot unit. However, a 10x20 unit that is climate controlled is estimated to cost $170 or more per month. You may also be able to get insurance through the rental company, which will have an effect on the overall price.

Take back the space in your home by storing away the items that you have been hoarding. Get in touch with the staff at a storage facility (such as All American Mini Storage) so you can rent a unit that can handle all of your hoarding needs!