Keeping Antiques In Your Storage Unit

Most of us know that public storage units are designed to keep our furniture, books, and other household items safe. But if you have anything of value that is older or antique, you may be concerned about keeping it safely in a storage space. What do you do if you're out of room but need to store that valuable painting, pottery or jewelry? Read on to learn how you can keep precious antiques in great condition while still using public storage.

Find the Right Unit

Temperature control is a must when it comes to storing antiques. Make sure you choose a unit that allows you to have complete control over the internal temperature, since extremes of both hot and cold can wreak havoc on antique items. Even if you don't have a thermostat for just your unit, find out what temperature the facility typically maintains. Anything from between 50 to 80 degrees should be acceptable for antiques, but also ask about humidity level controls, since humidity can also have serious effects on antiques. Furthermore, make sure you can drive right up to the unit to help eliminate the risk of dropping or damaging your items. Ask about purchasing additional insurance to help ensure that your items are safe as well.

Proper Packing

How you pack your antiques is key to how well they will be kept while in storage. Always wrap mirrors and paintings with bubble wrap and packing paper when possible, and write the word "fragile" in black marker on the packaging so you remember which items are more susceptible to breaking later. You can also put cardboard corners over the edges of paintings and even furniture to help protect the edges. If you have anything metal to store, treat it with a protective oil to help prevent rusting. For upholstered items like antique furniture, be sure to cover them with plastic or a tarp to protect them. 

Take Stock

Whether you have just one or several antique items to store, make a complete list of everything you plan to put in the storage unit. List the item's name and include the potential value of the item. It's also a good idea to take photos of your antiques before packing and storing. Those photos can be extremely useful in the event you have to file an insurance claim. By caring for your antiques properly before you put them away, you can be sure you're protecting your valuable investment.

If you have any questions concerning the safety of your antiques or how to store them, contact a local storage facility, such as Sentry Mini-Storage Inc.