Storage Options When Moving Back Home

If you are moving back home after college or another life event, you might be looking for ways to keep your imposition to a minimum. A great way to tread lightly when staying with your parents is to rent out a storage unit for most of your household items. Here are four reasons a storage unit might be a big help when moving home.

1. Don't Get Rid of Your Furnishings

If there is little room back at your parents' house, you might be tempted to just give away or sell your furnishings. If you are only planning to stay with your parents for a finite amount of time, it can be more economical to rent out a storage unit. This way, you will still have your bigger items such as couches, chairs and tables that you can use when you move.

2. Storage Will Keep You From Settling In

Show your parents this is just a temporary situation by not getting too comfortable. One way to quell your parents' worries and to keep your move temporary is to keep your furnishings and household items in a self storage unit. If you can remain more of a guest while staying in your parents' home, you can focus on finding something more permanent.

3. Offer to Store Other Items for Your Parents

If you will be living at home for even a few months, some household items might be worth swapping out while you stay. If you have a nice TV or a great recliner you think your parents will like, by all means incorporate your upgrades into the home. You can store your parents' older TV or uncomfortable love seat in the interim.

4. Items Will be Ready When You Are

If living at home is just a quick transition, there is no need to haul everything with you for a month or two. Moving is stressful enough. Don't put yourself through this again by unpacking everything and then turning around and packing again. When moving into a temporary situation, leave your furnishings and household items in storage so that these are packed up and ready to go when you need them.

If you are moving home into a guest bedroom or your childhood room, you will realize quickly how much your life has grown, including your things. Make the transition as easy as possible until you are back on your feet and moving into your own home. A storage unit, like North Star Mini Storage, can help make your transition less stressful for everyone.