Going Back To Your Summer Home? Keep Your Car Safe In Storage

As winter comes to an end, your desire to stay at your winter home may wane. In addition, with two homes, you still need to maintain the summer home to avoid putting off maintenance or missing out on early repairs. If you have two cars and like to keep one at each home, you may fly from home to home. To protect your vehicle while you are gone, you should put it into a storage unit that is made for cars.

No Need to Worry About Theft or Natural Disasters

A storage unit is not necessary for homeowners with a garage. However, when you do not have a garage, taking it to a storage facility is your best option for making sure it is protected. The last thing you want to experience is theft, especially when you are living hundreds or thousands of miles away at the time. Another issue that you cannot react to is natural disasters, so your car would just end up sitting there.

At least in a storage unit, you can feel confident in the safety and security measures that are taken.

Avoid Accelerated Depreciation

If you were to leave your car in your driveway, you would undeniably speed up depreciation. The natural rate is already 15% to 25%, and this relies on keeping the car in great condition. Avoiding rust, paint oxidation, vandalism, and scratches from flying debris should be a major priority.

Get Your Car Ready for Putting Away

When your main concern revolves around theft and weather damage, it is easy to forget about other issues. It is just as important to get your vehicle ready for storage before you put it away for months. A fuel stabilizer will protect essential parts of your car by keeping the gasoline together. Pests are also an issue, but getting a unit with pest control should provide you with an ample amount of protection.

If you are past the point of maintaining your car on your own, you can just get it serviced before you intend on heading back to your other home. You do not want to pass up things like changing the oil to avoid engine damage or disconnecting the battery to avoid a dead battery on pick up.

Putting your car away is worth the peace of mind and evasion of excessive depreciation, but you still want to know how to avoid sabotaging your own vehicle by taking the right steps before storing. For more information, contact a storage facility, such as Econo Storage