Common Problems With Storing Boats Outside For The Winter

There are a number of common problems you have when you try to store a boat outside during the winter. Here are some examples of these issues including how indoor boat storage can be an effective solution for dealing with them.

Elemental Damage

Oxidation is often an issue in outside storage facilities. Rust can be deadly for boats. Also, you have to deal with rain, hail, snow, wind, and other potential issues that can really destroy a boat's outer shell. Wind could even knock it over depending on how it's stored. None of these are issues inside.

Depending on the facility, you could also end up getting protection from the cold and having ice buildup cause damage to a boat as well. Many boats aren't designed to handle having ice buildup on their hulls, and you could see a reduction in the life of either the boat as a whole or specific components of it, such as the engine, as a result.

Physical Damage

When you store a boat outside, you run the risk of thieves and others getting access to it. Plenty of teenagers enjoy spray-painting or otherwise defacing boats just for the fun of it.  If you store a boat inside, this becomes less of a problem, especially in cases where the storage facility has security.

Maintenance Nightmares

Even if the elements don't do damage to your boat while it's stored outside, you could certainly end up with other problems instead. For example, mildew and mold could grow on the hull or on other parts of the boat. As long as the indoor facility is properly maintained you can also avoid the buildup of dust and other contaminants that would build up on a boat.

These contaminants could include pollen, leaves, dirt, and the like. Even bowel movements from birds or other animals could end up on your boat if you leave it outside for a long period of time. This will be a complete non-issue for indoor storage no matter how long you leave it there.

Cost Inefficiency

All this is to say that keeping boats outside is going to be expensive. It will cost you in maintenance, cleanup, and other headaches such as possible physical damage from potential thieves and others. In the end, going with the indoor solution is often just going to be more reasonable in terms of saving you time, hassle, and funds.

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