Want To Store Your New Halloween Decorations Until Next Year? 3 Items To Focus On

Decorating for various holidays is an easy way to keep your home fresh looking, both inside and outside. Halloween might only last 24 hours, but you should feel free to decorate all month long. Buying a large collection of decorations for this holiday will give you a great deal of freedom in decorating your house. However, after Halloween is over, you have Thanksgiving and Christmas to look forward to. It is best not to keep these decorations on display for too long, and a storage unit is the perfect place to put them. Certain items are easier to store than others, so you should focus on the ones with potential issues.

Fog Machine

Using a fog machine is an excellent way to transform your welcoming front entrance into a misty abyss. Kids may shiver when walking up your driveway to ring the door bell, which is great for getting festive. Once you are finished using the fog machine, you must store it correctly to have it ready for next year. A thorough cleaning process is essential before you even think about putting it into storage. It involves emptying the tank, using a fog cleaner, running it with distilled water, and several rinsing sessions. The final step involves adding fog fluid, turning it on for a short time, and then putting it away. Climate control is a necessity, so make sure you choose a storage facility that offers this feature.


Witches, ghosts, bats, cats, and zombies are just some examples of figurines you will come across. To fit well with Halloween, you will typically find these figurines made of ceramic. They then get painted white for ghosts, black for cats, or other colors depending on what it is that you are purchasing. Cleaning ceramic figurines with compressed air and a mild soap mixture will not cause any harm. Storing them requires cautious care because they are easy enough to break with just a simple mistake. The best methods are putting them in a display case inside the unit or inside plastic bins after wrapping each piece.


Pumpkin spice, candy corn, apple cider, and caramel are candle scents you may find around Halloween. Lighting these up in your home is one way to bring another one of your senses into the holiday spirit. Walking around a house that smells like Halloween is certain to bring you joy. But, once the 31st passes, you need to know what to do with these candles to ensure you can continue using them the next year. A cool temperature and dry air are two requirements to get the protection you seek.

Some Halloween decorations are easy to store, but it is crucial to focus on the delicate ones. Contact a business, such as A Big A Self Storage, for more information.