Useful Packing Supplies For Those Using Self-Storage Units

If you plan on using a self-storage unit to store possessions, you probably will need packing supplies to get these possessions ready for short-term or long-term storage. Here are a few packing materials that you probably should invest in.

Moving Boxes

If you want to store a lot of possessions together, such as kitchen utensils or plates, then you'll need to get some moving boxes. Then you can put all of your possessions inside, giving them extra protection while they're inside storage for the foreseeable future.

You just need to make sure you get quality boxes that can withstand different elements, as well as moving boxes that are the appropriate size. Look at the size and quantity of items you plan on storing together and then you'll be able to choose the appropriate box size.

Bubble Wrap

You may have some fragile items you're looking to put in a self-storage unit. It's a good idea to box them up, but you should take it a step further and place bubble wrap around them. Then these more sensitive items are going to have extra protection and also remain in the same position that you initially place them in.

You also have a lot of different bubble wrap varieties to choose from, such as different thicknesses and sizes. Look at the fragile possessions going in self-storage and account for their properties so that you can choose bubble wrap that makes the most sense.

Moving Blankets

When placing furniture inside a self-storage unit, you don't want anything being able to damage it at any point. You'll have more peace of mind about this if you invest in moving blankets. They are thick and can be used to cover any furniture pieces that you're worried about damaging.

All you have to do is buy moving blankets that are big enough to cover furniture you're looking to protect in self-storage, whether it's bed frames or dresses. Additionally, since there will be a protective material over the furniture, you can place items on top and maximize the size of your storage unit with ease.

If you plan on putting items in a self-storage unit, it's a good idea to first invest in some packing supplies so that you have all the materials you need to prepare for this move. You have a lot of options; it's just a matter of looking at your possessions and identifying their storage needs.