How Climate-Controlled Storage Units Keep Items Safe

One of the essential aspects to consider before renting a storage unit is the kind of space you will rent. Will you opt for a standard unit or a climate-controlled self-storage unit? Usually, the type of items you intend to keep, the estimated storage period, and climatic conditions will determine the most suitable unit.

If you wish to rent the unit for the long term and have items like furniture, electronics, books, artwork, musical instruments, and other similar items, opt for climate-controlled storage. These items can get damaged when exposed to extreme temperatures, so the only way to ensure they remain in good shape is to go for climate-controlled units. Here is how these units keep the belongings safe.

Controls Extreme Temperature

A climate-controlled storage unit will be suitable if you reside in an area that experiences extreme temperatures throughout the seasons, particularly summer and winter. The indoor temperatures will be regulated, so whether it's hot and humid or cold outside, conditions in the unit will remain the same. The temperatures won't reach the levels that damage items like furniture, books, antiques, artwork, electronics, and musical instruments.

Offers Efficient Airflow

Storage units that provide climate control features have good air quality and airflow. This means you won't have to open the doors regularly to eliminate musty smells. Clean air will be supplied throughout, and the dust that would have accumulated on the items will decrease significantly. The air quality will also minimize the formation of mildew or mold on the stored items. So, as you shop for a climate-controlled storage unit, determine if there is a duct system that directs air into the unit.

Controls Humidity Levels

Besides regulating the temperature and offering quality air, a climate-controlled unit will control humidity levels. If the level of moisture in the air isn't controlled, it can cause damage to all items. For instance, wood items will absorb moisture and warp, while leather items will crack. Musical instruments like pianos and electronics also sustain damage when the moisture levels in the air are high.

Provides Protection From Elements

Climate-controlled storage units are usually in buildings with insulated roofs and sealed walls and floors. This means that the units will be less susceptible to dirt and flooding. Also, since they are indoors, they will be less exposed to pests and insects that can access the rooms and damage the stored items. Make sure you don't store food items as they attract critters and pests into the storage unit.

For more information about climate-controlled storage, contact a local facility.