Mobile Pods Vs. Self-Storage Units

Storage choices have evolved over the years and now include mobile pods. Depending on your needs, pods might be a better choice for your items instead of a self-storage unit. To help you determine which is best, here is a comparison of mobile pods and self-storage units. 

Mobile Pods

One of the main advantages of using a mobile storage company is that they are portable. You can rent a pod, have it delivered to your home, and pack it up from your driveway. Once the storage pod is full, it will be picked up and stored in a warehouse. You do not have to worry about renting a moving truck or transporting your belongings to the storage unit. 

There are various sizes of pods available, which means you only have to rent one that fits your needs. Another advantage of pods is that by using them, you have the opportunity to move your items within your own timeframe. The pods stay in your driveway for the duration of time you need to pack them up. You do not have to worry about packing your storage within certain business hours. 

There are some drawbacks to mobile pods though. If you park your pod in the street in front of your home, you could be forced to get a permit to have it there. There is also the possibility that your city might not allow it at all if it could be considered an obstruction to the flow of traffic. Pods are also a more expensive option than storage units. 

Self-Storage Units

As noted, self-storage units are more cost-effective. The units also offer a range of sizes. If you need a climate-controlled unit, you most likely can find one. This is particularly ideal if you are storing items that require little exposure to humidity, such as musical instruments. 

Self-storage units are also a good option if you are unsure of how long you need to store items. If you need an unit that has the added protection of on-site security, you can find that in a self-storage unit. 

The biggest disadvantage of a self-storage unit is that you have to go to it. There is also the possibility that the storage unit you need is not available to lease. In that instance, you might have to rent a smaller or larger unit than needed.

You can further explore which type of storage is best for you by visiting a storage service.