Renting A Storage Unit When You Have Roommates

If you are moving into a roommate situation, it might not be realistic to bring all of your household items with you. Whether your living situation is for a short time or space is limited, a storage unit can make this situation more livable. Here are four reasons having a back-up storage unit can be a smart move if you are living with a roommate.

1. Protecting Nicer Things for the Future

Sometimes living with a roommate is temporary, and you may not feel comfortable bringing antiques, heirlooms, or expensive furnishings into your home. If you have a long-term goal to live by yourself or with a significant other, hold on to special items until you are in a more stable home environment. Store these in a mini storage facility so that items are safe, secured and aren't damaged in a roommate situation.

2. Small Space and Access

Just because you are in a shared living situation without much extra room for your things, this doesn't mean you should ship your possessions off and not have access. Rather than storing your things with relatives in a different town or state, your items will be close by in case you need them. Find mini storage buildings nearby with secured 24 hour access so you can still have access to the things that might not fit in your current home.

3. Deals on Larger Storage Units

Another way to save on space and cost is to go in on a storage unit with your roommate. One of the great things about sharing a storage unit with roommates is you will get more bang for your buck. You might have things you would like to store, but not enough to justify renting out a storage unit. You might want to go in with a roommate to be able to fill in your storage unit to capacity with things you collectively don't need around the home.

4. Roommates (and Their Things) Come and Go

If you are living with a roommate, one of the perks might be access to their cool things and household items. If your roommate eventually moves out, don't be left in the lurch without certain furnishings or appliances. If you can keep your own duplicates in storage, you'll be able to bring these into your home if your roommate moves on.

You might find yourself in a roommate situation that involves cramped quarters or duplicate furnishings. It is important to hold onto things that you might need later on or items you would like to keep accessible. Renting a storage unit can be cost effective and keep you organized in the long run.

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