Storing Your Home-Based Business Inventory In A Self-Storage Unit

A self-storage unit can be a great option for someone running a small business out of the home. If you have your own business but have no space for your inventory, use the following ideas to keep your products organized and ready for your customers.

Develop An Inventory Tracking System

You'll want to track the inventory that goes in and out of the storage unit, especially if you are not the only one accessing the unit. You can create an old-fashioned system by placing a clipboard on a hook in the unit. The clipboard should be filled with inventory tracking forms you and your employees can use to record inventory deliveries and withdrawals. You can also download a state-of-the-art inventory tracking app for your mobile device which you can use to record which items are being added to or removed from the storage unit each time you visit.

Create Warehouse-Style Storage Aisles

You can use more than just the space along the walls for your inventory storage. Place free-standing shelving units along the walls and down the center of the unit to maximize your available storage space. With more shelving available to you, it will be easier to organize your inventory by size, date, style, color or design. Be sure to label each shelf and each box on the shelves to make sure you can easily find all your items.

Protect Your Inventory

Storage units can become dusty, so it's important to protect your inventory while it is stored away. Use plastic covers or tarps at the top of each shelving unit to shield your items from dust, and place clothing or linens in garment bags for added protection.

Create A Shipping Center

If you ship your goods to individual customers or to vendors, consider adding a small shipping center to your storage unit. By packing and preparing boxes for shipping, you can avoid the extra step of bringing the inventory home to prep for shipping. Add a small table to a corner of the room, and place containers of bubble wrap rolls, tissue paper and packing peanuts underneath. Place a label printer, packing tape and other small supplies in a plastic container on top of the table. Place a chair in the packing center, and your self-storage unit will be your own personal shipping/receiving warehouse.

A self-storage unit offers flexible space for your company's inventory. Get creative with different ways to store and track your items, and have all the items you need for your customers stored in one convenient place.