Going Back To Your Summer Home? Keep Your Car Safe In Storage

As winter comes to an end, your desire to stay at your winter home may wane. In addition, with two homes, you still need to maintain the summer home to avoid putting off maintenance or missing out on early repairs. If you have two cars and like to keep one at each home, you may fly from home to home. To protect your vehicle while you are gone, you should put it into a storage unit that is made for cars. Read More 

4 Tips For Long Term Car Storage

Car storage may be needed if you are planning on traveling for a long amount of time and won't have use for your vehicle. You may also consider long term car storage if you will be moving to a different state or country and are not sure when you will return. Whatever the reason, long term car storage can help to keep your car safe until you are ready to start using it again. Read More 

3 Tips For Renting A Storage Unit

When your house has become cluttered because you just have too much stuff, or if you're downsizing to a smaller home, renting a storage unit can be the ideal solution. Storage facilities offer a safe and secure place for you to store your belongings, and many facilities offer affordable rates for both long-term and short-term storage. Before renting a storage unit, consider the following things: Make Sure Your Items are Insured Read More 

How To Unclutter Your Home For Selling

If your realtor has urged you to get rid of clutter in your home to help it sell faster, you might think there's no way you can do it. You might have years of objects accumulated in your home that you can't bear to part with. Or, you might have so many things that you can see your way out of the mess. Either way, the uncluttering must be done to optimize your house for selling. Read More 

3 Things That Should Never Step Foot Into Your Basement

Want to use your basement for storage? Think again. While there are certain things that are more than welcome in the basement, some can become damaged when exposed to the harsh environment that your basement offers. Here are three things that you should never store in the basement: 1. Photographs Both the Library of Congress and the U.S. National Archives and Record Administration advise against storing your memorable photographs in the basement. Why? Because the basement is prone to excess moisture, which can ruin these precious memories. Read More