Want To Store Your New Halloween Decorations Until Next Year? 3 Items To Focus On

Decorating for various holidays is an easy way to keep your home fresh looking, both inside and outside. Halloween might only last 24 hours, but you should feel free to decorate all month long. Buying a large collection of decorations for this holiday will give you a great deal of freedom in decorating your house. However, after Halloween is over, you have Thanksgiving and Christmas to look forward to. It is best not to keep these decorations on display for too long, and a storage unit is the perfect place to put them. Read More 

Helping Your Child Fully Develop Their Hobbies With Storage Options

If you have a child with a budding hobby that might be taking up more space in your home than you have room for, this doesn't mean you need to discourage their interests. There are solutions that can keep your child's hobby alive but not necessarily in your living room. Here are four ways a storage unit can help your young hobbyist, regardless of the type of collector you have on your hands. Read More 

Common Problems With Storing Boats Outside For The Winter

There are a number of common problems you have when you try to store a boat outside during the winter. Here are some examples of these issues including how indoor boat storage can be an effective solution for dealing with them. Elemental Damage Oxidation is often an issue in outside storage facilities. Rust can be deadly for boats. Also, you have to deal with rain, hail, snow, wind, and other potential issues that can really destroy a boat's outer shell. Read More 

What You Should Do Before Storing Your Boat

If you have a boat that needs to be stored during the off-season, there are some ways you can prepare it first. It is important to do this, otherwise it might not be in the best condition when you go to retrieve it. These tips are good whether storing it at a local boat storage facility, self-storage unit, or the harbor. Change the Fluids When preparing a boat for storage, it is a good idea to start by checking and changing the fluids. Read More 

Preparing Ice Fishing Gear For Off-Season Storage

Spring is in the air – flowers are blooming, birds are singing and the ice is melting away. For ice-fishers, there will be no need for all of the gear that is used during the winter. Instead of trying to cram all of that equipment into your closet or shove it up into your attic, you can use a storage unit to neatly and safely store it until fall comes to an end. Read More